Corporate Tax and SST

We alert you to potential tax landmines and equip you to be more tax savvy. As the tax landscape becomes increasingly complex and ever-changing, let us take care of your planning needs so that you can fully focus what is needed – growing your business.

Ensuring tax compliance has become increasingly complex in today’s dynamic environment, with ever changing regulatory and tax requirements.

CLPC group tax division, CLPC Consulting Plt (LLP0009517-LGN) and Cheah Taxation Services (200503023595) aim to instill confidence that your tax matters are being dealt with cost effectively and in a timely manner.

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Our professional services include

Our corporate services and solutions encompass a wide range of value-added services provided by well-experienced professionals.
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Tax Compliance

  1. To prepare and file at the Inland Revenue Board (IRB), the Company’s annual tax return (Form C) and, in that connection, prepare the income tax computation.
  2. To advise the payment of the balance of tax (if any) based on the Company’s annual tax return
  3. To advise the due date for submission of the return of original estimated tax payable (Form CP 204)
    and compliance requirements in relation to the amount of the estimated tax.
  4. To complete and submit the Form CP 204 based on the amount of estimated tax payable furnished by the company.
  5. To remind for the 6th and 9th month’s revision of estimates of tax payable
  6. To prepare and submit the revision of estimate of tax payable via Form CP204A, if any.
  7. To remit monthly tax instalments payment at the IRB payment counter (excluding cheque collection services from your office)
  8. To send the tax instalment scheme or CP 204 to the company and to confirm receipt of the same.

Tax Audit and Investigation

Tax audit is a primary activity of the tax authorities under the Self Assessment System [“SAS”] in enhancing and encouraging voluntary compliance with the tax laws and regulations. It also ensures that a higher tax compliance rate is achieved under the SAS. A taxpayer can be selected for audit at any time to ascertain that the amount of tax reported and paid are in accordance with the tax laws and regulations.

Other than tax audit, tax investigation is a more severe enforcement measure taken by the tax authorities to ensure compliance with the tax legislations by taxpayers.

Generally, tax investigation will be carried out should there be a suspicion – based on precise and definite evidence – that a taxpayer is deliberately trying to avoid paying tax or has committed an act of wilful evasion under the tax laws.

More often than not, both tax audit and tax investigation will result in additional taxes and penalties payable on under-statement or omission of income.

Our tax audit and investigation services include:

  1. Replying to queries raised by the tax authorities
  2. Preparation of workings, computations, reconciliation and supporting schedules required by the tax authorities
  3. Reviewing and appealing on proposals given by the tax authorities

Tax Planning and Advisory WorkCompany tax planning including company or group tax restructuring, group relief, pre-tax audit, withholding tax planning and advisory
Tax Incentive Application1. Pioneer status
2. Investment tax allowance
3. Reinvestment allowance

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